Crispin Barker and Kieran O’Donoghue are hands-on Principals who are most often found on the jobsite, covered in sawdust and ideas. We are engaged, gentle, fair, pragmatic, innovative builders who know how to manage budgets and happiness in a transparent way, and deeply value strong partnerships with our clients and the architects and designers with whom we are fortunate to collaborate.

We understand the intricacies of the construction process, enabling us to bring a level of confidence, balance and control to it that offers stability for excelling at the organic elements we so enjoy. Good design excites and inspires us—we seek and are motivated by complex, challenging projects and revel in the mental sustenance that results. We respond by drawing on our artistic and mechanical alter egos to pose creative options and devise effective solutions.

Our team is capable, smart and productive:  from keeping the jobsite clean and organized properly, to being savvy about green building systems, to hand-crafting doors and millwork from scratch, to negotiating the building code milieu. Between us, we talk about our company as the biggest small builder in town:  “biggest” because we think big, dream big, build big; small because it’s important to us to focus our attention and expertise on just a few projects at a time.

This all translates into the highest standards of craftsmanship, performance and service on our projects. Come and see them in person—to absorb our detailed work, to meet us in person, and to talk with our clients, crew, and project partners.

ServicesFull Construction Services

    – From demolition to landscaping and everything in between, we build high-end, high quality residences and custom light commercial interiors.

Planning & Cost Engineering

    – With you and your architect, Crispin and Kieran provide guidance in determining the scope, schedule and finish decisions that fit your needs and budget.

Crispin & Kieran

Partners Crispin Barker and Kieran O’Donoghue founded Barker O’Donoghue in 2000 and remain deeply involved in every aspect of their projects. Carpenters by trade with over 30 years combined experience, Crispin and Kieran have spent their entire professional careers on job sites. They share all the business and project responsibilities equally as Principals-in-Charge of their projects, including estimating, project management and site management.

Crispin and Kieran also share a broad interest in and knowledge about making—their diverse personal artistic and mechanical endeavors add a relevant skill set to the company, and have gained them a reputation for being an excellent resource in design-build project elements. Both knowledgeable and relaxed professionals, Crispin tends to be aspirational and dynamic, Kieran pragmatic and thoughtful.

Our company rapport is that of a family, and we believe strongly in maximizing productivity to maintain a healthy work/life balance. On weekends you’ll likely find us gathered at each others’ family events and celebrations, or exploring the Northern California landscape.