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The Cabin Fever 2012 Design Competition entries are now live on our website.  Enjoy viewing the amazing work of the architects...and please share!

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Barker O’Donoghue is thrilled to announce the 2012 award winners of our Cabin Fever design competition.

The announcements were made, and the designs revealed for the first time, in a celebration last night with the team, jurors, advisors and friends.

To say that we were blown away by the effort, creativity and enthusiasm of the Cabin Fever 2012 architectural teams is an understatement.  A telling sign of how compelling we find them is that, even after having them in hand for a couple weeks now, Crispin still sits nightly at his dining room table paging through the designs.  Our deepest gratitude to all the teams for bringing the “wow“.

We will be posting all the entries on the Cabin Fever page for your viewing pleasure shortly—we’ll send another post when they’re live—along with some photos and links.

Without further ado…




First Place:


Honorable Mentions:

Spirit Awards:


First Prize, Jury Award:

First Prize, Architecture for Humanity Award:


Tomorrow evening we have the great good fortune to gather for the Cabin Fever awards reception with the brilliant architects and jurors who have collaborated to make our first year of this new design competition so successful. That in and of itself will be mad and fabulously fun.

The highlight of the evening will be the announcement of our winning entries for each of the competition categories: “DNA Cabin” and “Temporary Housing Module”. It will also be the teams’ first look at the other entries, as we’ve kept it all quite hush-hush.

Look for a proper announcement right here on Friday!